Thursday, 6 May 2010

N16 Number 16

Some weeks away from this virtual realm - Life and other details getting in the way, you know how it is.
Here now - on the eve of a Brand New Day in British politics (or just a stir of the Spoon of Fate a couple of times around the Swill Bin of Westminster?) - a few mysterious glimpses from a new Ensixteen Editions. Indeed - cue fanfare - the SIXTEENTH. . .
This inspired by the common symbol I have re-created here as a home-made relief print - you can find it on the 'command' key of your Mac, wooden skis from the Middle Ages. . .and on Danish maps indicating a 'Place of Interest'.
Following on from their last (2009) theme of 'Island', the 2nd Doverodde Book Arts Festival has issued an open call for new book pieces inspired by this phrase and this icon.
Here you can see some early sketchbook trials for my page designs, as well as the original print.
The event itself runs from 13th to 16th May and you can find more at