Wednesday, 25 May 2011

What is an Art School?

An image here being my contribution to the new publication being put together by The Collective Mind at my 'day job' - that being the Graphic Design BA (Hons) course at the University for the Creative Arts, down in Epsom, Surrey.
In these times of Governmental antipathy towards the arts, and managerial grail-seeking for the spurious credibility of 'University-status', those of us who were schooled in the mysterious ways of the traditional arts school feel memories need jogging, emotions stirring, questions asking. . .
The brain-child of Course Leader, Luke Pendrell, the publication is being designed by Ben Branagan and shall be launched to industry on Thursday 16th June.
This timely article on the Design Week blog tells you more:

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

BRISTOL 2011 - The 3rd Arnolfini BABE

Here are images (as with every post - click on them and they get bigger) provided by Ensixteen's official photographer, Mette Ambeck, from last weekend's Bristol Artist's Book Event. As well as some reasonable sales from both back-catalogue and of new titles we were able to reconnect with lovely old friends including John Bently of Liver and Lights Scriptorium (see past posts), Sheena Vallelly of Reassemble, Lucy May Schofield, Stephen Fowler and Angie Butler. . . and not forgetting Sarah Bodman and Tom Sowden from The Centre for Fine Print Research at the University of West England.
Mister Bently can be seen, all generous curls and intellect, in the foreground of one of these very images.
Great venue, great pals, great town.