Monday, 6 August 2012

Fragments before Summer's dog days Number 2: Skyline

Very pleased to be part of the latest incarnation of designer Sarah Hyndman's mammoth 'Random' postcard design project – see

The premise is simple - an email will see you receive a randomly-selected word from which you might create a piece of original artwork that will be thenceforth archived in the project, whether online or at gallery events. 
My word speaks for itself. . .

At the moment, pushed along by SH's apparent limitless energies, there's a fine selection viewable - along with workshop activities - in the deepest trendy East End of London.

With a distinctly Olympic Year theme - though not in the case of my own contribution as you can see - the show is at the Rich Mix facility on Bethnal Green Road until Sunday August 19th.
Another webby link will take you to more information: