Sunday, 2 August 2015

Books Beyond Words - A new shape to storytelling?

I've been working on a fascinating new publication by the good people at Books Beyond Words and been tested greatly by a very different way of creating the material of a story - in this case to address the problems of weight gain across society and particularly how these impact on those with learning difficulties. It is a process that sees a group of people – coming at the problem from a variety of angles and either from the sphere of health professionals or those that have tackled the issue personally – write a story and develop characters together.

There's a link here to a film showing the first editorial meeting:’t-it-time-beyond-words-book-weight-loss

And an article covering the next stage of the process here:

This is really worthwhile work, and I've been helped greatly by everyone involved. My thanks.
More on the project as it develops.

Televisuals 2: Dr Jekyll's in the house

And so was I - preparing to raise a glass of the good doctors port in the room adjacent to his lab.

This on a visit to the Three Mills Studios base of the major new ITV series 'Jekyll and Hyde' - taking the story of the Jekyll dynasty forward into the pre-war 1930s - created by my old friend Charlie Higson.
Same venue where we worked on 'Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)', back in 1999.

Another hot summer - another day of scenic paintings, false doors and other trappings of TV mischief - another fantasy.
There are always stories to be told.

Here's to a success when it hits the screens in the autumn. Chin chin.

Televisuals 1: John Wickham Henry de Trafford Steed

An icon, a gentleman. 

Belated goodbyes to this most elegant and quietly irreverent of Englishmen - as brought to enduring life by the wonderful Patrick Macnee (1922 - 2015).
Vintage champagne or good warm beer - a man for all seasons.

"Mrs. Peel - we're needed."

And never more so.