Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Mister Higson's 'The Enemy Map' - latest update

There may be visitors who are straying this way having glimpsed an enticing miniature of my illustrated map to accompany Charlie Higson's 'The Enemy' series of young adult horror novels - on the revamped site by Puffin Books - and wondering what's that all about?

CH commissioned me last year to chart the adventures of the various groups in the initial four books in the series, and there is indeed a map of this description.
In due course the Powers That Be at Puffin hope to expand the glimpse of the Map at their site into something more substantial and interactive - and Charlie hopes to make the item available to fans, too.

I'd recommend you check out the earlier posts I put up on this blog (go back to the later part of last year starting in October) to see some intriguing details – as well as what I've added here – and also keep checking Charlie's own blog - and the Puffin site - for any developments.