Wednesday, 28 March 2012

UDKANT - 'On The Margins' - sketch one

And so, for the 4th year in succession, I will be creating a new edition to submit to the Danish book arts event held at the Limfjordcentret in Thy.

Their 2012 theme is the notion of 'udkant' – translated as 'on the margins'.

I am enjoying the usual preliminary stage; considering the shape of the ideas inside the given theme, noodling around with written notes as well as early sketches, relaxing into a few visual motifs that recur as more pages are filled.
At the start of every new Ensixteen Edition (this will be the 21st) I draw out a version of the image here – visualizing the ground ahead, considering the empty set of pages within which I'll place a new narrative.
It's as unashamedly ritualistic as the making of a pot of tea. It helps me ease into the creative day.

The sketchbook is a blank map and I step out regardless.

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