Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Intermission 2: Pop! goes the culture. . .

I recently RELISHED the first series of 'The Blacklist' (NBC 2013 - ).
The actor James Spader, here front-and-centre as Raymond "Red" Reddington – a former government agent turned international 'Concierge of Crime' – has long been a favourite (since his powerhouse turn as a lynchpin of the sorely-missed 'Boston Legal' – in which he stepped up to the formidable task of matching the mighty William Shatner, scene - for - scene for five seasons as Alan Shore).

With this new show (created by Jon Bokencamp) – and before he reincarnates once again as the main villain in next year's Avengers sequel for Marvel – he effortlessly inhabits a compelling, outrageous, murderously likeable new role. The twists and turns of the show are deftly done - truly brilliant storytelling. . .
If Spader were filmed simply buttering a piece of toast I cannot imagine it would be anything less than rivetting.

Bravo, Red!

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