Thursday, 23 July 2015

Toasted Pt.1

A great pleasure to visit the set of the next series of Matt Berry and Arthur Mathew's award-winning comedy, 'Toast of London' yesterday.
I've been contributing storyboards, working with my old chum director Michael Cumming and creating illustration and concept visuals for the series designer, Rosy Thomas.

A long, fascinating, tiring day watching the grinding of the wheels of the business that they call show.
Stuntmen, falling masonry, illusion and smoke and mirrors, laughter and the ever-present ticking of the clock driving it all.

Toast himself, MB was very gracious and happy with the storyboards and other material (Spoilers) that I have contributed, and we discussed the extraordinary trio of films which he has worked on recently under the banner 'Action Man War Casualties' with Veterans For Peace (see upcoming post) - existing as they do at the crossroads of humour, biting social commentary and overdue truths.

Toast co-creator Arthur Mathews and I enjoyed a long conversation touching upon televisual histories like Euston Films' 'Minder', Clement and La Frenais' 'Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads', the value of the back-projection in the car chases of ITC action-adventure shows and sundry other matters of import.

On the strength of what I saw on-set the new series is going to be very funny.

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