Friday, 20 November 2015

An Ensixteen Rarity for you. . .

Here is a chance to download a 4-page 2011 graphic sequence - unpublished physically elsewhere but part of the official 'canon' of the 'bio auto graphic' series.
It's titled 'Time & Relative Dimensions in Storytelling' and I created it as a response to my participation in a fascinating 2010 conference at Manchester Metropolitan University: 'The Story of Things - Reading Narrative in the Visual'.
It is part of the archive of the Image [&] Narrative e-journal.

The theme of the event chimed closely with strands of what inspires me; random associations, happenstance and chance affinities in our shared daily experiences.
In taking place in my native North West it also allowed me to retrospectively visit the strong cultural flavours of my youth, including the creative powerhouse that was Granada television and the fraught cobbles of Coronation Street, Weatherfield.
The salt and vinegar of Northern comedy also runs through it as it does my veins.

Download, enjoy and keep, should you wish.

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