Monday, 19 July 2010

ENSIXTEEN EDITIONS - THE BOOKS - 'In A Single Bound Volume Our Hero Is Free' 2008

As with the earlier 'Sitting Ruminations' edition, in 2008 I responded to an open call for submissions – this time from artists Chris Taylor and John McDowell, who organize the annual Leeds Contemporary Artists' Book Fair.
They sought book art that investigated the nature of the book form itself, and – as I had exhibited relatively little at that point – I was keen to submit something.
Ultimately, I created a 'silent' issue – the pages and the action they carry are completely without text. While this began as a pragmatic decision (the preparatory process of writing takes far longer for me than the drawing) it resulted in probably the most visually playful edition to that point. The book, the page and the spreads act as doorways, windows, places of acrobatic transition.

If I was that active in real life I'd be thin as a rake.

The title, if you hadn't guessed, tips the hat to a certain champion of Metropolis, and in using it I painted myself into somewhat of a corner – it became the first 'Ensixteen' edition to be bound by thread and needle sewn-style.

The edition was selected for the subsequent exhibition 'From Book to Book' at Leeds Art Gallery (6th to 20th April, 2008) and has proven to be very popular with buyers since.

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