Monday, 19 July 2010

People I like very much No.17: Robert Rankin

The Bard of Brentford, the Sage of the Age, the Gurus Guru. . .
Robert Rankin - author of around 30 novels and pioneer of Far-Fetched Fiction. I have known and enjoyed the company of The Lad Himself since my early college days, when he welcomed me as an itinerant art student & illustrator into his West London home to talk the toot, shoot the breeze and chew the fat.
And it still goes on, though now mostly in Brighton.
Here we see RR on the occasion of his wedding to steelpan artiste extraordinaire Lady Raygun (AKA Rachel Heyward) in the parish of Brentford, in the Year of Our Lord 2007. He is the one on the left - the other being Mister Jonathan Crawford.

See for the doings of his new fan club.

What a nice man.

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