Saturday, 18 September 2010

ENSIXTEEN EDITIONS - THE BOOKS - bio auto graphic - 'A Place of Interest : Mapping Myself'

The final edition of the three produced between May 2009 and early Summer 2010 was this one - responding to an open call from the 2nd Doverodde Book Fair, in Denmark.
After last year's theme of 'Island' they had selected a curious symbol

– currently used to indicate 'A Place of Interest' in Scandinavian mapping and signage – but actually with a cultural provenance of half a millennia or more – as the focus.
My own modest piece is of particular note – in relation to the ongoing series and my creative agenda – because I was drawn to use a hand-printed component - a very messy hands-on image, made with cut corrugated card, roller and printer's ink.
I can't say why I was moved to use this method - but I think I instinctively wanted a more random, distressed, textured feel to my own visual interpretation of the symbol at the core of the project. Something that would imply the rigours of passing time perhaps?

Once printed on the fly during my lunch hour at college - my own secret intervention in our new Print Area - I then took the image through the lovely Quick Gratification Machine (AKA photocopier) to duplicate, before remixing it in a cut-and-paste fashion with the hand-drawn artwork.
With each new edition of 'bio auto graphic' I have tried to incorporate something new in format or visual approach, so this fitted that personal remit nicely.

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