Saturday, 18 September 2010

Return from the Americas - a mind-expanding 2010 jaunt

This image was taken while my partner Mette-Sofie D. Ambeck and I paused on an already hot Sunday, just before 12 of the mid-day clock, in the splendid little town of Northampton, Massachusetts. We had already travelled many, many miles – from the horizontal rain and 40 mph winds of Boston to the quiet suburbs of Nashua, New Hampshire and the bizarro shennanigans at the Duchess County Fair in the Hudson Valley, NY State (Funnel Pie and a Pig Race anyone?). . . Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.
Our heartfelt thanks to our various hosts - Kay and Faith and Brian and Martin, Nina and Gigi - and my thanks to dearest Mette.

The world's big and it's all too easy to forget it.

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