Saturday, 26 February 2011

A Month of Sundays – Day 3: 20/2/11

For my 3rd Sunday in this self-imposed schedule of work across February, I was back home in the Lakes with Mum and Dad, so final artwork wasn't practical to achieve.
Instead, I was both taking notes for the day – with which to create layouts and then final artwork later in the week for that day as part of the 'A Month Of Sundays' bio auto graphic edition – and ALSO making visual notes for a special project which must remain secret for now.
As a glimpse, here's a thumbnail of the potential opening page of four of that.

This is actually a good representation of my process as a whole - given many years of experience working to tight deadlines within publishing and TV/film industries, even when I'm dancing to my own tune I tend not to waste too much time prevaricating once I have the raw components (the things I want to say in a given page) in mind. I might have made a written check-list to refer to nearby in the sketchbook, but once the ink hits the page I tend to press on once satisfied.
I liked the look of this composition as soon as I'd set it down.
That kind of decisiveness comes with experience and a knowledge of your own skills.
Age, basically. . .
This is a really satisfying creative time for me and I'm having a ball.

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