Sunday, 6 February 2011

New Post - New Book: 6/2/11

A belated Happy New Year to those rooting about in the Blogosphere.

It appears that January became a time and a space not conducive to posts of any kind. After three or so weeks dug in at the Nicholson country pile with the folks over Yuletide and New Year, I returned to teaching duties and other pressing matters in the capital.
Indeed, as well as the usual teaching mallarkey I currently have an article to prepare (a sequel to a paper I delivered at
'The Story of Things' Conference at Manchester Metropolitan University about a year ago) as well as a new storyboard commission for design gurus The Why Not Associates.
Today – the 1st Sunday of February, 2011 – I was hit with inspiration somewhere in-between the smoked salmon and cottage cheese on toast and the shower.
Leeds Contemporary Artist's Book Fair, 2011 (March) and Bristol Artists' Book Event 3 (April) loom, and I feel a new edition from the 'bio auto graphic' strand is called for.

I will draw from events on each Sunday this month, beginning today, and commit ideas to paper either on the days themselves or shortly afterwards. I'm already three pages in.

The name of the edition is to be 'A Month of Sundays', and attached here is a small taster image from Page 1. Impaled on the working week, kinda thing.
I thank sweet Mette - Sofie, 'Amusing' Andrew George, Karen 'God, that's a small island' Leet, Robert 'Far-Fetched Fiction' Rankin, Michael 'Ian' Cumming and David 'Iolanthe' Carruthers. All these people have inspired me, one way or another, since I got up today.

It's been a tonic.

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