Tuesday, 1 March 2011

IT'S A BOOK! A Month of Sundays – Final Day 4: 28/2/11

And so - after four productive and enjoyable Sundays across February, the new edition is now complete and ready for duplication this very day.
'A Month of Sundays' has gone with the flow of events across four modest days in my life that encapsulate a particular month.
It was a very simple premise that has proven to be just the tonic to motivate pencil (then pen) to paper and not only that but allow me to articulate things that are very close to my heart and mind. The image here, completed on the final day of production, reveals the vinegary wind of enforced change that's now imposed on us all by the latest Clowns of Downing Street.

'A little bit of politics', as Ben Elton used to say. Wait til you see my poster for 'The Big Society' - squirm, you political worms!

There are also some lovely drawings that I'm really pleased with, some deep thoughts and played words and my very first drawing of a Robin.

Available at Leeds and BABE book events, or drop me a line to ladnicholson@yahoo.co.uk

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