Thursday, 10 March 2011

Set sights for The North

Just a reminder to those many, many followers who I know will want to make suitable arrangements to attend. . .
This Friday 11th and Saturday 12th March sees The 2011 International Contemporary Artists' Book Fair (details attached alongside a ruggedly handsome line drawing that seems somehow familiar).
Mette-Sofie D. Ambeck (see her own new blog and I will be showing latest work – including my own latest 'A Month of Sundays' edition (see recent posts).
It would be a grand thing to see any friendly faces.
Have a good weekend either way.

1 comment:

  1. Hi, I was there last week(I'm on the foundation course from Leeds art college) and got your 'Month of Sundays' book, just to say I really enjoyed it very funny insight into someone else's head! Also you were showing me the bestiary book of the lady on the table next to you, I was sure I'd seen it somewhere and it annoyed my brain for a few days afterwards, anyway I figured out I'd been looking at it in our college library artists book collection a few months ago - thankyou both for the interesting work, Emily