Sunday, 18 March 2018

POST 23: To die, to sleep – 

The centre spread was postponed in the order of what I tackled - again and again. 

I suspect I thought it would be easy to complete.
Of course, for so simple a thing, the effort to capture that dawn moment - when I got to it - proved deceptively difficult.

In this initial page from my workbook the sequence was firming up; standing by the frosted window of the bathroom and first noticing the curious peachy light flushing the sky beyond - walking back into my bedroom and opening the curtain to better see what was going on - the moment of seeing.

I already held the final composition in mind; left-hand page representing the window through which I looked, right-hand page showing me, looking. Final text accompaniment to be decided upon - as with all the pages - once the line images were set in place.

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