Monday, 19 March 2018

POST 28: Selected and Exhibited

The existence of a 30th in the series has been marked by a few related events and instances since November, the first stemming from the SPF itself:
I was gratified to discover that the edition had been voted the 'Book of the Week' choice by The Wellcome Library's zine collectors, as noted on their Instagram:

Subsequently I wrote a piece for the Impact Press Book Arts Newsletter to tee up an exhibition of large prints and related material – 'Hiding In Plain Sight: When You Put The Chameleon Skin Coat On' – culled from the artwork for the edition that then ran from February 1st to March 1st:

As always the exhibition and all matters related – as well as an upcoming article for Impact Press peer-reviewed journal 'The Blue Notebook' (Vol.12, No.2 - April 2018) – have been eased into existence by the wonderful Sarah Bodman.
Click on these links for details of both newsletter and journal - both recommended for anyone with an interest in book arts in general and the tidal movements and activities of the global community of image-makers & wordsmiths that make it up.

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