Wednesday, 19 September 2012

'Glass Half-Full/Glass Half-Empty' - Bio Auto Graphic Number 22

To celebrate my own 50th year, I have composed a new edition under the Ensixteen Editions banner.

It roots around in the broad cliché territory that some people trot out; 'some people see Life as a glass half-full, some people. . .' etc.
Those who know me – though I'd suggest not too well –  see me as a dour Northerner who subscribes to the 'half-empty' outlook.
I can see why, but of course things aren't that simple.

One life, fifty years, ten pages (between covers); signposts, turning points, hills climbed, descents negotiated.
The lot.
A reasonably complicated task, which essentially boils down to a decade per double-spread.

My usual modus operandi kicked in with some stimulating breaks from creating the 'Enemy Map' (see recent posts) during August's dog days, tearing through the pages of a nice new Moleskin sketchbook. Here – beginning with the first doodle of the cover composition – and in a few other posts, are fragments that remain therein – whispers of things that made it to final artwork (or that didn't).

The edition is dedicated to my two fellow travellers:
Michael Ian Cumming 
Andrew John Altmann.

150 years between us, by God.

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