Monday, 17 September 2012

Charlie Higson's Enemy - Early Map Sketch 1

More from the sketchbook working towards the final map for Mister Higson's 'Enemy' series for Puffin Books (just released and accompanying Charlie on a first signing tour for Book 4: The Sacrifice).

I was trying to develop a solid working visual language that could be applied across the whole of the devastated London in the books; here the notion of much smaller figures representing both the diseased adult 'Sickos' and the bands of kids fighting them might have been developed.

As I knew they would by necessity have to be very small in the scheme of things (so much ground to cover, literally - the complex journeys of FOUR novels) the figures would probably need to be bold.
Making them a solid black could have been one solution, which is what you see here.

This fragment doesn't refer to one specific incident, but as the kids pick up all kinds of weapons along the way at places like The Imperial War Museum (Book 2: The Dead), the sword makes a good, potentially-distinctive element for the central figure.

No such image made it to the final version.
Click on it to see a larger version, as usual.

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