Monday, 10 September 2012

Mapping Charlie Higson's Mind? Friend - or 'ENEMY'?

As some have seen from the very man's Twittersphere account, the new Illustrated Map charting the gruesome events of the 'Enemy' series of novels by polymath Charlie Higson has arrived from the printers this very day.

I have yet to see the finished thing, but I was the man that drew it - and prepared it for a first edition of printing with the invaluable help of Danish book artist and designer,  Mette-Sofie D. Ambeck (see
Here above you can see one of my early trial images for the Sicko look.

This has been an immensely challenging piece, created over the Summer months from a first discussion in May this year and across several subsequent meetings between
Charlie and I.

You can find the journeys of characters representing the first four novels in the sequence, and begin to see the scope of what Charlie is creating in the epic as a whole.
It sums up London in the grip of the dreadful illness that has rendered every adult a lurching, shambling killer with a taste for human flesh - especially that of the kids who are left in the shattered ruin of their old lives.

A great privilege to be asked to do this, and I'm thrilled that CH is pleased with the result.

More details will be available soon from the man himself regards how to get a copy.
I'll post more on my development of the piece here in the near future.
Until then, here's a second detail from the sketchbook - an early trial for the Map's 'Legend' - the box that carries the detail of what to look for.
If you click on the images they get bigger.

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