Monday, 11 February 2013

At the mercy of technology? Pt. 2

There's a second new virtual edition that makes play with the pixels for your reading pleasure.
I go deep down inside the detailed preparatory thumbnail sketching that takes place before every edition in my series.
Once again manifested through the startlingly easy ISSUU website, it is called –

Rule of Thumb - Virtual Ensixteen 2

and can be found through this link:

As with the first foray posted about earlier, click on the front page and tinker around with the easy - to - use tools; if you click on the page it zooms up close to the detail , click again and it pulls back out again. It's a goddamn marvel of the age!

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Pixel or Pen – Best of Both Worlds?

A modest toe into the bottomless pool of virtual publication can be found here:

Using the sketchbook material behind several of the existing Ensixteen range – and new pages to frame it – in a unique non-papery format for your enjoyment.
Have a tinker with the tools provided by the nice ISSUU site in the upper tool bar; zoom in, turn a page, go back a few pages.
What larks.

How I draw and How I write: Virtual Ensixteen 1