Friday, 30 September 2011

The Sole Proprietor of Ensixteen Editions

A snapshot of the author by M-S D. Ambeck.
An uncharacteristically upbeat pose is struck, as the events of the 3rd Whitechapel London Art Book Fair unfold; such nice people, such stimulating company - so many sales!

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Whitechapel 2011

Images here from the ridiculously flexible iPhone 'Apps' of  my dear friend Vicky Fullick, in the bleary aftermath of the 2nd full day at the Whitechapel Gallery event. 
Myself, Mette and Vick repaired to The White Hart pub, of ancient East End provenance, at the close of play that day. Happy memories of a good day, well-spent, and good friends, well-met.

Thursday, 22 September 2011


Do join Mette and I if you are in the area. We're at Stand 50 - in the Upper Gallery space.
M x

NEW ENSIXTEEN - 9/11/11: One into three

Images from the thing I have done most  recently here. Click to enlarge them, as ever.

The new book is actually three books - in a set entitled 'The Physics of Violence'

Part one is called 'Cause', Part Two '&' and Part Three 'Effect'.

This is created as part of my signing up to an interesting project called 'An Inventory of Al-Mutanabbi Street' - in memory of a terrorist attack on an ancient street devoted to the trade and appreciation of books in Baghdad, in 2007.

I completed primary work on the edition on the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks in New York - which have infiltrated previous books in the 'bio auto graphic' series since 2004.

The new editions consider what exactly drives members of our society to take such irrevocably damaging actions against others.

Who are they, why do they do it, and what are the repercussions for us all?

They will be first exhibited at the 3rd London Art Book Fair - beginning with a Preview night this very evening at The Whitechapel Gallery.


The Special Collection at Winchester School of Art acquired this new piece during the 2nd day of the event, and old friend of Ensixteen Editions Maria White (Chief Cataloguer for Tate Britain) did the same on the final 3rd day..

Summer fragments 2

The Stones of Skagen - walking the blissfully desolate and empty beaches of the Northernmost point of Denmark in late Summer with Mette - the place where the two seas meet (Baltic and North)

Summer fragments 1

The stones of School Knott - a piece picked up on a walk over the local hill, and down past the modest tarn atop it, while back in Windermere. 

This slate was still deliciously warm in the hand as I pocketed it.

You and Your Town?

Discovered this document from another dimension - well, the hopeful, bright new dawn thinking of the post-WW2 British Welfare State - over the Summer break.

Had travelled to my homeland of the Lakes the morning after the third night of rioting and vile looting in London and elsewhere.

The contrast between the future outlined herein - all local libraries, free health care and citizens bound together in the new towns of the new nation - could not have been more acutely felt.

Today we steal trainers and burn properties for the jealous sake of it, irrespective of the endangerment of innocent families in dwellings above the flames.

A notion of a nation - admittedly a rose-tinted one - here that would have looked on aghast at recent events.