Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Culturals – recent inspirations No.4: The Sea & The Sky

A meeting of minds, a joining of hands.

Across the choppy North sea, just opened last night, in the subtle flat landscape of Jutland. The startling colourscapes of English watercolourist Linda Newington and the intricate skills of Dane Mette-Sofie D. Ambeck realized in gorgeous photography, sculptural paper and hand-printed notes from the myths of the sea urchin.

Work of sunlight and salt and intricacy. Beautiful.

Culturals – recent inspirations No.3: The Comedy Carpet

Words realized as physical artefacts. Isolated letters or swelling chunks of language.
All in service to laughter – and no finer or more just cause is there.

The Carpet itself is a deserving recipient of multiple awards, and I was privileged to work behind the scenes during the years of its inception and realization. Artist Gordon Young and designer Andy Altmann being the core double-act in the spotlight.

I stood on it in the lashing rain of a Lancashire night, after it was opened by Ken 'Diddy - he did, yes' - Dodd. I wrote for the book of it published by Booth-Clibborn Editions.
How we all laughed.

Culturals – recent inspirations No.2: Goya

I entered the cool shadows of the Courtauld on a hot, early summer's day.

The distance, the gap of centuries, was closed in an instant.
The life captured within insanely delicate and energized lines made me feel like the brush had been lifted away but a moment ago.
An acute observational eye linked to the disquiet and upturned logic of dreams.

Culturals - recent inspiration No.1: Ravilious

A beautiful, engrossing show in farthest Dulwich.

An essence of Englishness and the sad mystery of a life cut short during war – a line left unfinished.


To every thing there is a season. . .
A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance. . .

So we did.

Shots from the book fair season 2015, including John Bently, Stephen Fowler and Kath Round at BABE Arnolfini in April, and that true gentle man David Barton, my co-exhibitor at the Alternative Press event in May.

What happens in Norwich. . . Pt.2

Shots here from the aforementioned event in Alan Partridge zones.
Juicy tabletop shot by the event's photographer, the shot of myself and Mette with a curious public by neighbouring exhibitor Jeremy Dixon - see www.hazardpress.co.uk and the shot of a dear lady and her letterpress beasts by yours truly.
Click on any of them to get the full detail.

What happens in Norwich. . . Pt.1

Having not posted on the matter since the event I must update a breathless public to the sad news that my nomination for the first book prize at the 2015 'Turn The Page' book fair in Norwich came to nought. Six other nominees and I were pipped to the post by book artist Chris Rushton - see www.chrisruston.com

They say it's enough to be nominated.
Thanks to the very welcoming gang at the fair for even thinking to do so in my case.

Friday, 8 May 2015

Takeover 2015?

Another weekend, another book fair. . .

Unusually – in the absence of Mette Ambeck – I will be sharing a table with Mister David Barton - regular book arts fellow-traveller - way down south of the river from lunchtime Saturday 9th May til 7pm.
10-minute walk from London Bridge Station etc.

More details here:

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