Thursday, 11 September 2014

The Early Bird Catches the Nicholson

My new cover.
Which pleases me.
As with all visual material here, click on it and you get a bigger version. . .

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Watch the birdie

Mysteries and puzzles await. And strange travelling companions, too.
T-wit, t-woo?

The Key word is

My transport awaits. . .

Pages, boxes, windows, doors

Note to self:
One must never feel confined.

bio auto graphic number 25

Indeed, since 2004 and my 'issue zero', I have created 24 other links in this chain of ink and ideas that I called 'bio auto graphic'.
The 25th is nigh.
Lines of communication are open. . .

London Art Book Fair 2014 - Whitechapel Gallery

The new issue of Ensixteen Edition's 'bio auto graphic' work will likely premiere here.
Do check out their website at

Summer is done, and now to business


The seasons have slipped by - much turmoil has swept through my life and continues to - but after a restorative visit with my dear Dane (to once again walk the beaches and woods of the National Park, of Thy, in Jutland) - see our recent e-card included here - I hope to present new work under the Ensixteen banner shortly.
Creativity as medicine? Something like that.