Friday, 7 March 2014

Give me an 'S'. . . . spells "Leeds!"

The way ahead is pregnant with possibilities.

The road is unclear, but solid underfoot.


Give me a 'D'

By the very nature of what I'm doing with 'bio auto graphic' as a whole series - self-awareness and observation taken to an arguably unhealthy level - I am always keenly conscious of looking over my own shoulder. . .

Give me an(other) 'E'

Workbook Fragment 2:
Plotting ahead and mapping out broad strokes is key to what I do each time an edition takes shape. . .

Give me an 'E'

Workbook Fragment Number 1:
The usual process of trial and error has been undertaken - this time to create a narrative reacting to local and world events on the four Sundays of February 2014.

Give me an 'L'

And so. . .
The new one is ready - premiered at this weekend's Leeds Contemporary Artists' Book Fair at the downtown cultural hub that is 'The Tetley' - see
Here is the cover - mysterious as it is.

With any of these images don't forget to click on it to get the benefit of the detail. . .