Sunday, 21 March 2010

Blog Post Number One

I blog therefore I am?
A brisk Sunday afternoon in Spring 2010. Parallel version of my life number 37: setting up a blog under the Ensixteen banner at last. And all with the invaluable help of The Dane.
To expand the range of possibilities - take a baby step towards catching up with the rest of the virtual species - add my heartfelt lines and words to the bloggosphere.

To ascend or descend, depending on how you look at it. The smoke and mirrors web awaits me like a book smelling of ink and ideas.

These are words, next there will be images.



  1. Hey there, welcome to the blogosphere; consider yourself added to my Google-reader. Could Facebook be the next plateau? I sense a Fan page coming on...

  2. I have to say that Facebook (which I keep getting invited to join by various bozos) seems a step too far. To hear vacuous comments and witness dreary pointlessness I need only take a seat on the bus!
    I am touched that I now have a follower.
    Does that mean I've got to set out a world view (religion) or plan world domination (politics)?
    Keep watching what I post - at least you'll get a cumulative world view.