Tuesday, 23 March 2010


So - within a day of unleashing this very blog onto T'internet I had a 'follower' (to use the weird parlance of these here parts). Mere hours later I had two.
This seems to suggest that with followers I need to retro-fit a belief-system to underpin all this.
While my numbers are modest (it's not so much that I could invade a small Middle-European country and destabilize the regime overnight, as comfortably occupy a bistro table for three in the central square of their capital city for an hour) I feel the pressure to consider possibilities.
I have currently two options:
1) - A system based on religious faith (AKA the 'Blind Reaction To The Inevitable Void That Awaits Us All After Death' System)
2) - A system based on political ideology (a concept so corrupted by the venal fools at the Westminster trough that it's hard to see a new angle on the thing).

More on this in due course, but I think I've found a suitable puppet figurehead for the system when it goes global (allowing me to remain a string-puller in the shadows).
Here he is:

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