Tuesday, 30 March 2010

ENSIXTEEN EDITIONS - THE BOOKS - 'bio auto graphic': Lettering From America Part 2 - 2006

This last volume – of the set I later dubbed the 'You, Nighted States' issues – sees us starting in Boston before heading to Mette's old stomping grounds in Nashua, New Hampshire and then on to Northampton, Massachusetts.
We enjoyed the unstinting hospitality and good spirits of friends old and new, stood on mountain tops, sampled indigenous art and food and beers.
As passengers we enjoyed the open freeways of New England, with the hint of a cooler season in the air as our time dwindled.
At Smith College we visited for the closure of an exhibition of artist's books, one Monday lunchtime, and met a man who would become a dear friend (as detailed in another set of books to come in 2008).

As we spent a final night in Boston, before a return to NYC for our flight home, the weather closed in and the edge of distant Hurricane Katrina brushed the North East.

The trilogy ends with a quote from Sgt. Phil Esterhaus, stalwart of the Hill Street precinct, as played by Michael Conrad (1925 - 1983) in 'Hill Street Blues':

'You have declared your faith in society. Keep that faith and it will keep you.'

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