Tuesday, 30 March 2010

ENSIXTEEN EDITIONS - THE BOOKS - 'bio auto graphic': Lettering From America Part 1 - 2005/6

This 2nd part tells of our unforgettable stay in Manhattan.

Despite all our time together we had never had the finances to really travel anywhere so significantly distant and for any length of time. Things had changed for the better and we revelled in the chance.
A classic rooftop water tower, framed in the window of our hotel room as I raised the blinds for the first time, supplied a signature icon for what lay ahead.

We pounded the baking pavements, North to South, East to West, walking through the language of popular culture, with cricked necks and enjoyably sore feet.

The definitive 21st century urban experience.
The Human Experiment.
An American dream?

In 1987 I had stood at the top of a tall, tall tower and looked across the world.
We walked to where that tower fell, feeling numbed by the enormity of events, alive and uneasy at the hawkers selling their Disaster Porn memorabilia.
After the London Bombings the place was on a heightened level of security. Men in full combat uniform, heavily armed, patrolled the streets down between the towers that remained.

We finally headed North on the train, the glittering sea to our right as we headed through Connecticut to Boston.

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