Thursday, 26 April 2012


I am very happy to say that my recent work with the esteemed Why Not Associates can be revealed.

I have provided illustrative line work for 6 films conceived by this company to reflect a Design Council initiative called 'Living Well With Dementia' which launched today at their central London base and online at
Click on the image here to see greater detail from the homepage.
The site showcases the work of 5 teams from across the UK that have created design-centred strategies to ease the burden of both those who have dementia and those who care for them.

Working with WNA designers Clayton Welham and Sam Williams – as well as company co-founder David Ellis – I talked through the concepts and possible visual elements that might best complement the separate projects, and these were then layered into the deceptively complex final film pieces you can view at the site. The subtle film sequences within which my line moves were created by photographer Julian Germain.

I'm grateful to WNA for championing the Ensixteen style they have enjoyed as long-term readers, and it's particularly important to me that I was able to contribute to what I feel is important work.
All too often design merely complements the market forces of our culture, the throw-away surface values, whereas work like this shows that design can help lives and not just help sell things.

I will post material from the developmental stages of this project here soon.

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