Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Digital Arts - December Issue - Something Old is New again

Curiously find myself - through the approach of journalist Anna Richardson Taylor - included in this diverse article for the new issue of this magazine.

What was I never told at Design School?
Well - I went to an ART school – but you get the gist. See my thoughts on the matter

I am apparently a 'leading artist/designer'.

That's a relief.

Nice to be asked my ten pennorth's worth, nonetheless.


  1. Cool! Will have to try and read it! x

  2. I got my master's degree in Image Synthesis & Computer Animation; learned the creative process and various approaches how to look at solving visual communication challenges; however: my generation didn't get any education on 'selling yourself' or the business side and marketing side of creativity. A lot of design students have difficulty networking, getting new projects in and their stuff 'out there'. it's not all about creativity, but also about personality, business & marketing and understanding how to help your client best. I will try to get my hands on the older edition, I'm curious. :) Cheers, Tj.