Sunday, 26 July 2015

Matt Berry - Action Man Battlefield Casualties

As mentioned in the last post, while visiting the set of 'Toast of London' series 3 (see your tellies this autumn) I talked to Matt Berry about the trio of beautifully-crafted films that he had recently completed for the Veterans For Peace UK - see

Directed by Price James and based on work by Darren Cullen - they really hit home hard.
They will no doubt ruffle the feathers of those with vested interests in the industry of war – and how it's sold to the population that provides the raw material for it – and resonate with those profoundly affected by their involvement in it, living with the devastating impact thereafter.

The films will divide opinion and spark heated debate.
This is all to the good, whether you like it or not.

Watch these films. Tell people about them.

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