Friday, 13 January 2012

People I like very much No.20: Phil Davis

The very man who, in January 1990 – at the meeting points of Fate and Chance that nudge us through our lives – ushered me into a brave new world of teaching; the parallel career track that has offered me many challenges, and continues to do so.

At the Colchester Institute I enjoyed around 7 years of leadership from Phil, pushing the message of creativity (and passion for language and imagery beyond the subject) that underpinned his approach to the disciplines of Graphic Design. It formed – alongside the deft skills of others in the building in those years – an elegant, daily masterclass in the role of the tutor/lecturer/teacher.

More important still, in that strange, bustling Essex town – and in nearby Wivenhoe – (where here the lad himself can be seen outside The Rose & Crown, down by the river on a late afternoon of buttery light and deep beers), I learned the value of new mid-life friendships that sustain me still.

Phil, now happily retired from the fray, it seems to me has an enviable life, mapped out between points of significance; his inspiring local landscape, a passion for books, cinema, music and good company, and a touching loyalty to those whose friendship he relishes.

Long may he seek A Sense of Glory while walking those wind-blustered Colne estuary flatlands.

“Hold onto this. . . “


  1. How can I get in touch with this gentleman? He taught me whilst at Colchester and I'd like to get in touch.

  2. Sorry - I only just noticed your comment (only a year late!). If you email me your details I can pass them on to Phil I'm sure.
    What's your name?

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