Sunday, 29 November 2015

Toast Slice 2: Episode 2 - 'Beauty Calls'

More here from my work on Series 3 of 'Toast of London'.
With the working title of 'Miss World', this tale veered from sleazy '70s beauty contest cattle-marketry to the sex war politics of Pussy Rioting, while leavened with a touching romance for Steven T along the way.
Guest turns of the week from Vic Reeves as 'CompĂ©re' and Paul Whitehouse as Vic Titball.

When Director Michael Cumming and I convened in swinging Highgate to plot the storyboard – my first submitted work during pre-production – the technically-demanding sequence wherein Toast and Ed find themselves on an impromptu 'lamping' jaunt with Vic Titball was the focus.
Below initial board frames are spliced with the filmed action.
Angles and compositions differ - for either dramatic or technical purposes - but the intent is there.
For instance, the braining of Toast with slaughtered rabbits occurs in a much tighter shot, as do Ed's shotgun potshots. Click on separate frames to get a closer view.

We begin with Ed (Robert Bathurst) and Vic (Paul W) in the front of the vehicle, cutting to the vehicle hurtling across fields, then Toast's confused reactions, then startled fauna, gunshots and resulting mayhem.
All in a day's work.

No animals – or thespians – were injured in the filming/drawing – of this sequence.

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