Wednesday, 21 October 2015


Here's a link to a piece by my current collaborators, the fascinating publishing company Books Beyond Words, covering the second meeting of the expanding 'advisory group' that is nurturing the book I'm illustrating (title TBC) on the hot topic of obesity and it's impact on society – and in this case with a sensitivity for those with learning difficulties.

It's a process unique in my 30 years as a professional illustrator; an artist, doctors, editors and varied other health professionals – as well as representatives of the intended readership – brainstorming what has become a book with around 50 illustrations.

This particular meeting, at which I faced the raw feedback from a roomful of people, many of whom were coming to the material (black and white line illustrations, prior to colours being added digitally) with fresh eyes - and opinions - was initially unnerving but ultimately very rewarding.

I have never been given a round of applause before, but I am vain enough to admit I enjoyed it.

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