Tuesday, 27 October 2015

PopCult (Music) 4: Burch in the Church

A convivial lost afternoon in the company of Stoke Newington's demi-monde recently, here captured at the olde St. Mary's Church on a dank day during the Music Festival.
Overpriced 'craft' beers and free-of-charge toe-tappers from legend Nigel Burch (banjolele and vocals), equally legendary Dylan Bates (violin) of the – undoubtedly – legendary Fleapit Orchestra and – for these clutch of songs today only – Adrian Stout, legend on a bass ukulele (he of double bass in the assuredly legendary Tigerlilies).

Off-stage line-up here from left to right: artist/poet/painter legend Geoff Mowlam, your humble author and clearly-legendary writer/artist Christian David.

Not so much 'new town in the wood' (the apparent meaning of 'Stoke Newington' - it says here on this  internet) as old faces of the 'hood'.

One of my favourite of Nigel's songs, 'Wee-Wee into Wine' can be enjoyed here.

Photos © 2015 by Anna Paczuska

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