Wednesday, 28 October 2015

PopCult (book) 5: Gentlemen of a Certain Age

I just concluded 'The Burning Man', the latest volume in author Christopher Fowler's always-rewarding series of distinctively odd detective novels featuring (Arthur) Bryant & (John) May.
These are wonderful on character and convoluted, sinister plotting, and – as the aged/ageless pair investigate on behalf of the beleaguered 'Peculiar Crimes Unit' – they benefit from Fowler's endless knowledge of that extraordinary mystery that is London.

The city is the key character in the books, in fact.

Several years ago I illustrated a short story by CF featuring a certain resident of 221B Baker Street – this for the then BBC Cult TV website.

Later Chris was gracious enough to offer me a Bryant & May short story ('Bryant & May in the Soup' - set in the smog-bound world of '50s Soho) to play with - providing illustrations used on his masterfully entertaining blog (see here).

I particularly liked this one - click on it to get the full benefit.

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