Sunday, 18 March 2018

POST 24: To sleep, perchance to dream. . .

You can see how I am paring down the amount of text gradually. I had in mind the idea of the way a prism separates out the spectrum within natural light, except here the notion is reversed and my head acts as a focus for what pours in. I also had the idea of text shaped by the visual components in the image - hence the right-hand page where it is a kind of shadow falling behind my head. 

The moment itself - cited on the page as occurring around 4.43am on that summer’s morning - had occurred in one of those brief interludes between slabs of heavy, velvet-black sleep. It felt partly a dream until I checked the scribbled note of the time I’d made in a bedside workbook the day after.

I was wanting to write more - include the phrase you see here below about the heart - but it seemed important to turn down the volume of text, maintain the sense of ‘quiet’.

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