Sunday, 18 March 2018

POST 27: A Big Deal for me at The Small Publishers Fair 2017

And so it came to pass that the 30th edition (numerically at least) of my series was ready for The Small Publishers Fair 2017.

I created a special promotional image for the thing which first saw virtual light of virtual day on the event's social media courtesy of the redoubtable Helen Mitchell:

As always it proved an involving, diverse and inspiring event across two days.
In the divine company of Mette Ambeck, and with many old chums and acquaintances visiting and partaking of the new work from both of us it was personally satisfying too.

This image was taken by Nic Cooke, who visited alongside Loesja Vigour and Melanie Grant from the Wellcome Library:

And - as I covered in recent posts - on the second day I delivered a talk on my series as part of the strand running across that day.
This image was taken by my soul brother Andy Altmann, as I prepared for the talk with organiser John McDonnell (who proved a kind, enthusiastic and reassuring presence):

My track record of struggling to say what I wanted to say within a tight time-frame was maintained, though I later received very warm appreciation from audience members, two who said it had been 'beautiful', to my surprise.

Job done.

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