Sunday, 18 March 2018

POST 25: Centred

Finally the mix was distilled down and down to what became the final version of the centre-spread (see below).

Occupying opposing positions on facing pages, the text and image are surrounded by a generous amount of clear space.

The text that falls as shadow behind my head is also cast in the pale peach hues of the light I saw that morning, as yet another summer rainbow met the lake fog, to the point it might appear hard to read.

I wanted the reader to have to work at reading it, as we sometimes have to sit and think harder to piece together a memory or dream.

With this composition finalised I completed the edition - the quiet heart of it, a transitory moment, complete and in place.

I had already begun to scan the original pencil line art and convert into Photoshop files, then to be filled with the pixel flush of colour.

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